Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the program?

SCA is brought to you by Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring. HSA is the world's largest student-run business and the original Harvard start-up. Check us out on our website at

How much does the program cost?


What does the tuition cover?

We will provide lunch, snacks, and, of course, knowledge! However, we are unable to provide housing or computers for students.

Do you provide lunch? What if my child has food allergies?

Yes, we do provide lunch. We do our best to be accommodating for food allergies, so we ask that you let us know when you sign up if your child has any food allergies so that we can make the appropriate plans.

How much experience do I need for SCA?

SCA is designed for beginners who are passionate about learning how to code. 

Is financial aid available?

Limited financial aid is available upon request. Please follow this link to find the 2019 financial aid application.

If you still have questions that were not answered in this FAQ, please email